COVID-19 Protocols

  • Kathleen has received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccination
  • Kathleen is compliant with all government directives regarding COVID-19 and has completed mandatory Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) training
  • All visits must be booked by appointment and approved by Massage Therapist
  • Patients must sanitize or wash hands prior to treatment
  • Therapist must wash hands and forearms before and after each patient visit
  • All surfaces of the massage table and high contact surface areas are disinfected before and after treatment
  • Patient must wear a clean reusable or disposable mask at all times
  • Therapist must wear a clean medical mask
  • Masks should fit securely over the nose, along the cheeks and under the chin, held in place by ear loops 
  • Therapist performs self screening assessment and temperature check at beginning of shift
  • Patients must complete an online COVID-19 questionnaire prior to arrival for appointment
  • A second COVID-19 screening will be performed at the time of the appointment 
  • If you develop any of the described COVID-19 symptoms, please reschedule your appointment, complete an online self-assessment questionnaire and contact your local public health unit for further instruction

Kathleen, wearing a mask, is holding a bottle of hand sanitizer